Flip 'n Patties


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1) We beat our meat to perfection! 🥩 🥊. No body wants just a frozen burger patty, everyone is looking for the all orga…
2) FryDay is here and Flip ‘n Fries are awaitin’ 🍟 Follow your heart, treat your belly. Double cooked Fries, Meat, shr…
3) Come wish one of the OG FnP Family Members! He’ll be here ready for hugs 🤗. Wishing him the best and many more bles…
4) The Beauty in the “JaBoi” ... try our version of a jalapeño burger 🍔 It will change your life 🙆🏽‍♂️ . . . .…

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This food truck was mentioned in the article 28 Filipino Food Trucks Across America

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