Going about Building a Simple Greenhouse for the Winter

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Most plans require a regulated climate, such as warmth, sun and water. These conditions are often met best during the spring and slowly weakens towards the end of summer. Because these conditions weaken is the reason we might want a greenhouse to grow plants in the winter.

What is a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is typically a structure made of transparent material, such as glass. The sun enters the structure and remains in there to allow sufficient heating. Often, extra equipment may be necessary to provide regulated heating and cooling. Heaters and cooling systems can be installed.

Vapor machines may also be installed and regulated to keep the plants watered. Some plants need plenty of water and others not so much. Cactuses, for example, barely need any water.

If you want to get scientific about growing your plants, you could place gauges to measure your climate conditions. Place your misting machines to go off automatically on a specified schedule.

How big does a greenhouse need to be?

This answer really depends on your needs. You can make a 2 ft. by 2 ft. or a 10 ft. by 20 ft. greenhouse if you properly regulate conditions inside.

The plans

I don’t have specific plans here, but if you want plans, try this resource:

The basic idea is you need materials to build your frame, and you will need transparent material. You can probably use plastic sheets, such as painter’s mats, fiber glass or other types of glass.

Be sure you have sufficient ventilation so that air can flow through your greenhouse.

If you plan on building your greenhouse outside, you might consider installing a solar system.

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