The Legalities of Owning a Food Truck

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Many of us have been there, cutting through government red tape. Some of it benefits us, and some of it is there to meet certain agendas. Either way, owning a food truck is more than just cooking great food.

You Need a Health Permit or License

Have you ever worked at a restaurant handling food? If you have, then you know about a food handler's permit. It's quite similar for the food truck business.

You're handling food. Therefore, you need a kind of permit or license. Check with your local healthcare department for specifics.

Before you begin selling your delicious food, a health inspector will need to make sure your vehicle is up to the health code. Your vehicle will typically need to be inspected once per year.

Business Permits for Commerce

In addition to health permits, you might need a business permit to operate in your city or state. In Tulsa, OK, only certain areas allow for food trucks to park. For example, food trucks aren't allowed to park in residential areas. Furthermore, if you're intending to park in a parking lot, check with whoever owns or rents that lot.

Many food trucks find events. Sometimes event coordinators will charge for food trucks to sell their food at the event.

Remember to check your local zoning laws.

Business Taxes

As a business, you'll need to register for an EIN (Employer Identification Number). This is true for any official business.

Vehicle Registration

Remember, you're driving a vehicle. Ensure your vehicle's tag and registration is up to date.

Find a Location

As I've said, finding a location isn't as simple as parking somewhere you like. Remember to check your local laws and businesses before you park!

We can see that owning a food truck business is more than just cooking great food. Not only will you need to cut through red tape, you will also need to have a budget for purchasing food.

*Of course information in this article is meant for informational purposes only.

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