Cost of Starting a Food Truck Business

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Food trucks typically range from $5k to $60k, depending on many factors.

Many Web sites list used food trucks for sale. Here are a few:

Also check eBay and Craigslist for local listings.

After you purchase your vehicle, you will need to get it up to a good standard. Ensure your equipment works. Purchase a wrap for your truck to proudly display your name and contact info.

Depending on your area, you might pay $100+ for yearly vehicle inspections.

Vehicle tag and registration also costs yearly.

Vehicle insurance can also be costly.

Purchase food to cook.

Any social media or online presence you wish to utilize. This includes advertising.

You definitely want to accept credit cards. Point of Sale systems might cost up front and then pay a small fee for each purchase with a credit card.

Are you hiring anyone? Include payroll in your budget.

Include fuel in your budget. Trucks commonly cost more than cars, especially if you use a generator for electricity.

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